"Putting People First"
The Citizens Democratic Party is more of an idea than the
ordinary political party. Whilst we are to be  described in the
conventional terms as a political party, the way we intend to
operate will be nothing close to the everyday politics as they
currently exist in Zambia.

We refuse to let our country’s future, be the victim of a
history riddled with economic sabotage through the foreign
scramble of our natural resources, misallocation of tax-
payers’ money and corruption. Rather we choose to be the
makers of a brighter future by altering the current political
and economic structures, through the use of political power.
Notice that we use the term “we” deliberately, as this will be
a joint effort of the people, you as an individual included.

It has been over four decades since our country attained its
independence. The joy and future hopes which came with it
have slowly diminished over the years, and Zambians have
once again beenmarginalised to the position occupied
before independence. Proper health care is more of a
privilege rather than a right. Governance is limited to
privileged elite. Our economy is dominated by foreign forces
that are given preference over capable Zambians.

We refuse to wait for grand happenings to initiate a change;
rather we are getting the ball rolling this very moment.  We
appeal to you to get involved today by joining hands with
CDP  and reclaim your rightful place as a Zambian citizen.
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The Citizens Democratic Party holds paramount the need for active participation of the citizens in
governance.  The success of the Seven Point Agenda rests in the effective implementation of the
decentralization of political and economic power in Zambia.  With greater autonomy, Provinces
and Districts will adopt CDP's Seven Point Agenda and refine it to be regionally specific and
relevant. The Citizens Democratic Party will also utilise the expertise and knowledge of our
Zambian professionals and academicians in refining the intricacies and application of the national

1.Putting people first in a decentralized, honest and open  government

2.Putting people first in wealth creation

3.Putting people first in quality and accessible health care

4.Putting people first in quality education

5.Putting people first in tax relief by broadening  the tax base

6.Putting people first with dignified retirement

7.Putting people first in prevention against crime

The CDP Manifesto, reads unlike any other Manifesto
ever presented in Zambia. It is a Manifesto of
"Solutions", rather than "Promises". It is streamlined
not only for easy comprehension, but for actual and
practical implementation.
The CDP has recognized the lack of accountability in
the governance of our nation. Our party does not
believe we have to be the party in government to
ensure and advocate for accountability. Through our
CDP MP's, our focus will be to press for effective
legislation that not only penalizes offenders, but
impedes these illicit practices. This will be one of the
hallmarks of CDP's contribution to our nation. All of our
CDP leaders will be signatory to a Social Contract that
insists on accountability even with the running of our

The Citizens Democratic Party
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Party Building:

There are many ways to contribute to the building of
this organization. If you are interested in dedicating
your efforts and time, (depending on your location)
please email us and we will let you know how we can
work together. Let us work through CDP to build a
better country.

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